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    Our Programs

    Although federal and state laws prohibit employment discrimination against job applicants and employees based on race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy, transgender status, and sexual orientation), national origin, age (40 or older), disability or genetic information, employers continue to discriminate against employees every day. Learn what you need to know about how laws protect you from disparate treatment by utilizing On My Own Project’s support and resources, including our workshop, Employment Discrimination 101: Facts & Remedies.

    Employment Discrimination 101: Facts & Remedies: Attendees will learn…

    Non-federal Government Employees

    What is Employment Discrimination?

    What is A “Covered by EEOC Laws” Employer

    • General Coverage by Business/Private Employers
    • Age Discrimination and Coverage
    • Equal Pay Act and Coverage

    General Coverage by State and Local Governments

    • Age Discrimination and Coverage
    • Equal Pay Act and Coverage
    • Federal Government Agencies

    General Coverage by Employment Agencies

    Employment Agencies and Unlawful Referral Practices

    General Coverage of Labor Unions or Joint Apprenticeship Committees

    Labor Unions and Unlawful Practices

    • Age Discrimination and Coverage
    • Equal Pay Act and Coverage

    Joint Apprenticeship Committees and Unlawful Practices

    • Age or Disability & Coverage

    Citizenship and Coverage

    People Who Are Not Covered by Anti-discrimination Laws

    Presidential Executive Order 11246 – Equal Employment Opportunity

    Pre-Employment Discrimination

    • Pre-Employment Inquiries (General)
    • Discriminatory Neutral Employment Policies and Practices
    • Job Advertisements
    • Recruitment
    • Application and Hiring
    • Job Referrals
    • Pre-Employment Inquiries During the Job Interview
    • Pre-Employment inquiries While Reference Checking
    • Pre-Employment Inquiries via Background Checks
    • Pre-Employment Inquiries via Google and other Online Searches:

    Employment Discrimination

    • Job Assignments and Promotion
    • Pay and Benefits
    • Discipline and Discharge
    • Employment References
    • Reasonable Accommodations and Disability
    • Reasonable Accommodation and Religion
    • Training and Apprenticeship Programs
    • Harassment
    • Terms and Conditions of Employment

    Pre-Employment Inquiries And…

    • Pre-Employment Inquiries and Race
    • Pre-Employment Inquiries and Height & Weight
    • Pre-Employment Inquiries and Financial Information
    • Employers must follow the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), which is not enforced by EEOC
    • Pre-Employment Inquiries and Unemployed Status
    • Pre -Employment Background Checks
    • Pre-Employment Inquiries and Religious Affiliation or Beliefs
    • Pre-Employment Inquiries and Citizenship
    • Pre-Employment Inquiries and Marital Status or Number of Children
    • Pre-Employment Inquiries and Gender
    • Pre-Employment Inquiries and Disability
    • Pre-Employment Inquiries and Medical Questions and Examinations

    Discrimination by Type

    • Discrimination Based on Race, Ethnicity, or Skin Color
    • Discrimination Based on Age
    • Discrimination Based on Gender or Sex
    • Discrimination Based on Religion
    • Discrimination Based on National Origin
    • Discrimination Based on Mental or Physical Disability
    • Discrimination Based on Genetic Information
    • Discrimination Based on Pregnancy or Parenthood
    • Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI Discrimination and Work Situations)
    • Retaliation for Engaging in Prior EEO Activity (Engaging in a Protected Activity).
    • Sex Based Discrimination
    • Sexual Discrimination Harassment
    • Sex Discrimination and Employment Policies and Practices
    • Retaliation for Engaging in Prior EEO Activity (Engaging in a Protected Activity)

    Other Forms of Discrimination which the EEOC Identifies and “Prohibited Employment Policies and Practices

    • Dress Code Discrimination
    • Constructive Discharge/Being Forced to Resign Discrimination

    What Qualifies as An EEOC Charge?

    EEOC Position Statement

    • Why The Respondent’s Position Statement is Very Critical to the Charging Party During Litigation

    Filing a Formal Charge of Discrimination with the EEOC

    • Filing Online by using the EEOC Public Portal to Submit an Inquiry, Schedule an Appointment and File a Charge
    • Filing In-Person at an EEOC Office
    • Filing by Telephone
    • Dual Filing/Filing with a State or Local Fair Employment Practice Agency
    • Filing by Mail

    EEOC Complaint Time Limits

    Filing an EEOC Complaint While Still Employed

    After you have Filed a Charge of Discrimination

    • Checking the Status of Your Charge
    • Adding to Your Charge
    • Updating Your Contact Information

    What you can Expect After you File an EEOC Charge


    Retaliation by Employer

    Mediation Process

    EEOC Investigation


    Filing a Lawsuit

    Exceptions when Filing a Lawsuit

    Proving Workplace Discrimination

    Remedies for Employment Discrimination

    Locating an Employment Attorney to Assist you

    EEOC Litigation

    How to File an EEOC Complaint if you are a Federal Employee

    McDonnell Douglas Burden-Shifting

    Proving Workplace Discrimination

    Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER)

    Prima Facie Case

    Navigating the Federal Court System

    Similarly situated Comparator

    Federal appeals and pro se help desks


    Pro Bono Attorney

    Proceeding Pro Se in the Federal District and Appeals Courts

    Pro Se Help Desk

    Direct and Indirect Evidence of Discrimination

    Workplace Discrimination Law by State

    Federal Employees Only

    Overview Of Federal Sector EEO Complaint Process

    EEO Counselor

    Filing A Formal Complaint

    Agency Issues a Decision (Final Action)

    Requesting A Hearing

    Filing An Appeal of The Agency’s Final Order

    Request For Reconsideration of The Appeal Decision

    Filing A Lawsuit

    (Other Topics As Necessary Per Individual Participant)